Recruitment of our SECURITY Officers

Recruitment of our SECURITY Officers

  • Recruits must have 24 years and above with Kenyan ID & mentally fit.
  • Education level: form four leaver with a KCSE Certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Three referees. Their ID, contacts
  • Map of residence both rural & urban
  • If previously employed, we recommend a letter from their previous work station
  • Must pass the aptitude test.
  • Preference is given to ex forces and ex National youth service officers.

Our Training

We believe that training is the cornerstone of our service delivery as it not only improves skills, but also promotes healthy interaction which builds and motivates the entire guarding sector. The knowledge of our management team is passed on to our new employees. Each of our Personnel must attend 4 weeks thorough key training which includes:

  • Defensive Tactics Training
  • Communications skills
  • Patrol Techniques & Criminal Law
  • Customer Service and public relations
  • First Aid and Fire fighting techniques
  • Counter -terrorism training & emergency preparedness
  • Hiv/Aids Awareness
  • Intelligence gathering
  • After every three months each security officer must undergo a refresher course to keep them updated. The aim of these trainings is to ensure that each personnel acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them perform their expected duties.
  • Guard’s welfare:

We place the welfare of our security officers at the top agenda. We pay, reward and recognize them well. This has led us to retain the best and motivated personnel. We also ensure their family are well taken care of (education, jobs in other industry, hospital bills etc.)They must rest for four days each month, or one day per week. We also have an insurance package in case of any injuries during work. We have programs other than our security curriculum; we have professional development and capacity building, for mentor ship purposes. We have partnered with various Human resource consultants to train them.

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